Free Angel Card Readings

Angel Card Reader Eric D. Greene

Angel Card Reader Eric D. Greene

For a limited time, I am offering a free angel card reading through this website. This is unlike other websites that say they offer a free reading, but they actually just show you a random picture from a few cards.

What I’m offering here is an actual reading – for free – where I pick a card, then send you the details of it to your email. The details are more limited than if you were to purchase a 1 card reading, but it is still an actual reading and it is free.

To receive your free angel card reading, please fill in your details below and I will reply to your email with the reading.

Angel Cards

Angel Cards Reading

The only required field is the email address so that I can send you the reading.

You may ask a question here, but this is optional.  If the question field is left blank, then you will get a general message of guidance from the angels.


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A description of the free angel card readings I provide:

What I do is follow up with your request by email. I read your question, or if you don’t have a question I ask what your angels want you to know the most at this time. I take a minute to get ‘in tune’ with you, then I reach for what I feel will be the appropriate angel card deck to answer the question.

Free Angel Card Reading

Free Angel Card Reading

Once I have an angel card deck, I clear the deck, shuffle until I think all the cards are shuffled enough, then I pull a card. Sometimes I feel that the card is the very top card, but most times I will pull from the middle somewhere. Usually I am drawn right to a particular card, but other times it may take a second or two to find out which card needs to be pulled.

Also, sometimes a card will jump out of the deck, either as I am drawing one card, or as I am shuffling the deck. Even with free readings, I will still let you know about a card that jumped from the deck, if that is what happened. Because it’s all part of that reading.

Next, I respond to your email by letting you know which card was pulled, and from which angel card deck I used. Also any jumper cards I will tell you about. I will read the message on the card, and also give you my interpretation of that card and any meaning I can get out of it.

The difference in a free angel card reading vs a paid angel card reading is the amount of detail and interpretation I pass along to you. So in a paid reading, I go into much more depth and meaning than in a free reading, while at the same time I do try to make free readings valuable. Just knowing what card was pulled has value in itself.

So if you feel that you want more in depth information about your question or issue, that is where I would recommend a paid reading. But if you are just curious about something or need quick guidance on an issue, then a free angel card reading will be enough.

Any questions or comments about free angel card readings, please let me know either through email or here on the website.
Blessings to you all! – Eric

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