Angel Card Readings Certification Course

Angel Tarot Card Deck

Angel Tarot Card Deck

During the month of October, 2012, Hay House Publishing offered a Certification class on Angel Card Readings and I am so glad to have taken part in the course!  By the end of the month, I got certified by Doreen Virtue in Angel Card Readings.  The class is divided into 4 classes, on Wednesday nights through the month of October (beginning Oct 3rd, and the last class on the 24th).

At first I wondered if I really needed a certification.  It seems to me that you either have the ability to read angel cards, or you don’t, and that this isn’t something that certification is needed.  But I think it lends credentials to the reader, in that you are someone that takes angel card reading seriously.  This gives confidence to the person being read to as well.  Also, Doreen Virtue has been doing this for a long time and creating angel cards, so who better to teach a course on how to read angel cards?

So I signed up for it and now I am finding a wonderful community of like minded souls by my side.  I am very glad to be taking the course, and it will be great to call my certified in it by the end of October.  I have found myself feeling a strong kinship with others taking the course and in the end I realize there has been plenty of new things to learn.

A big part of the course has been focus on Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine’s recently released Angel Tarot cards.  These cards are a full 78 card deck of tarot cards, but with softened messages for some of the cards and accompanying angel messages.  Previous tarot decks have had messages that could feel scary for people, and this is where this deck offers something new.  So alongside the certification in angel card reading is Doreen and Radleigh introducing everyone in the course to this wonderful new deck of angel tarot cards.  I am looking forward to providing these cards as another means of communication with the angels for my clients.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    Thanks for visiting my site…thought I’d return the favor.

    I loved the course too and I wish you the Angel Blessings in your work with the cards. :-) Suspect you have those already!

    I’ve added Angel Oracle card reading for clients using the Angel Oracle card decks, having attended this course too, the energy is lovely and the readings seem to be very helpful for clients.

    In the energy of love!
    A Mom On A Spiritual Journey

  2. Eric, I love the work you do!!!! You are a beautiful soul inside out, it shows in everything
    you do. May the light be with you, and your family. Keep smiling…

    Your Angel Friend.

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